IN LIFE’S WINTER by Barrie Purnell


When your life enters a winter spell it can be difficult to face,
You feel alone and isolated in a bleak and hostile place.
A place where only pain and hurt are available on demand,
Where the people all around you don’t appear to understand.
The bitter winds send withered leaves whirling around your feet,
No moon lights your way down the endless barren street.
Jack Frost sets an ambush for you in the icy cobbled yard,
You are just one more reluctant actor in life’s cruel charade.

The clouds are weeping tears for your summertime’s demise,
The leafless trees forlorn and downcast in their winter guise.
An avalanche of your sorrows flows from winter’s cruel mouth,
The spectral grey sky decorated by the last geese flying south.
The condensation on the window panes does its best to hide,
The white crests of the breakers on the wind whipped sea outside.
The sound of surf is masked by the moaning of the wind,
It’s as if the gods are punishing us, it’s as if they know we’ve sinned.
You know the bitterness of winter is just the price you have to pay,
For the fresh taste of summer berries and the roses sweet bouquet.
Desolate days stretch out before you, you must wait for them to end,
Until then you’ll survive on memories of summer days with friends.
Life’s winters remind us that we cannot pick and choose our season,
There is no point in us mere mortals trying to fathom out the reason
Despite your disbelief, that any deity has control of your affairs,
You kneel before a Buddha and tease some other god with prayers.

Mortality is all we’ve got, that’s why I’m hanging on hard to you.
You say dreams are your reality. pain the only thing that’s true.
You think you’ve lost control of everything, but you still own the way you feel,
You let morphine steal your hurt but not the love we own that’s real.
I tell you I know how you’re feeling, but your pain cuts through my bluff,
I am trying hard to love you better but know it’s still not good enough.
I long to ambush your agony and cure you with one kiss or tender touch,
Please don’t make me feel a stranger, just because I’m loving you too much.

When we can walk again through dew wrapped grass under a crystal sky,
And the birds are singing love songs, which seem to invite you to reply,
Look to the sun, each day it wins its’ battle with the suffocating night,
You’re not asking me for pity, just freedom from pains relentless bite.
You see the spring sunshine reflecting off the languorous morning tide,
And know that, however hard your winter, you and beauty have survived.
So don’t despair, believe, there is still time, your race is not yet run,
Fix your eyes on the eastern horizon you’ll be the first see the sun.
Your heart will beat away the pain, your spirit will win the final war,
We’ll have time to walk again as lovers, between the ocean and the shore.


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