Disco – By Michael Healy

I was fourteen years of age
(Some 57 years ago)
And was learning to play the guitar.
My father and mother had bought me this present,
To help me attain my ambitions,
To sound like the Shadows, Cliff Richard or Buddy Holly.

At my School there were lead and base guitarists,
A drummer, and I could play rhythm, so we formed a group.
We called ourselves The Tremeloes, but discovered the name was already taken by a much better group.

After much practice, eventually we decided we were good enough to play in public.
So we took bookings from the Catholic Youth Club, and the Polish Club.
Unfortunately, our audiences decided we were not good enough to play in public.

Action was needed and we decided to listen to real, live groups.
This we did, but most of the local ones were no better than us.
Except for the ones on the discs.

And so we went to Discos
And there we realised the skills of the professionals.
Fortunately Exams came along and saved the day.

So thanks to discos the Amateur Tremeloes were no more.
But at least I learned to play the guitar, and still do at the age of 71

2 thoughts on “Disco – By Michael Healy

  1. Hello Michael,

    This is a pleasant little story about some of the reality checks we encountered on the journey into adulthood. Our ambitions and dreams don’t always survive that journey intact. Well done.


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