The Knife Killers by David Graham

Rapacious assaults on the innocents

Throughout human history the vast majority of the peoples who have and do inhabit the continents and island of this planet; regardless of their cultures, races or creeds, have and still do simply want to live out their lives in a peace that allows for them to grow and prosper. Throughout that same history those same peaceful peoples have and still do come up against that rapacious minority of peoples who have sought and still seek to deny the innocents the peace they have needed and still need in which to survive.

Down through the ages of mankind the rapacious amongst us have perpetrated their assaults to the point where the peace necessary for survival has become a brittle, fragile, and ever-threatened goal.

Premeditated injury and murder of the innocents are vicarious forms of suicide by the rapacious, whose own lives are devoid of that pursuit of peace that makes life worth living.

The conscious or unconscious awareness of this absence of the pursuit of peace engenders a very real and ultimately unbearable sense of worthlessness that borders on the suicidal.

Without a desire for peace life becomes empty, meaningless, and worthless.

Such suicidal tendencies or thoughts are unnatural aspects of a self destructiveness that conflicts starkly with the innate human will to survive. Left to its own devices this conflict of the mind becomes unbearable, and, tragically, can only be assuaged by some form of violent act either against the sufferer, or, in the case of violent assault, against the innocents. When an assailant attacks an innocent, they are attacking themselves.

All such violent attacks are vicarious acts of suicide carried out in an attempt to try to break free of the world of conflict the rapacious inhabit. Very few ever break free.

Most are drawn ever deeper into a world of bloodletting in which they find a fleeting sense of release from the conflict that twists their mind ever tighter in a grip that ultimately can only be released in the letting of their own blood.

Death is the only release for those who cannot embrace peace.

Such a peace has little to do with any forms of religious beliefs but is an innate desire buried deep inside each human being. Tragically, that peace is not buried alone. Alongside it lies the latent desire to destroy that very peace.

What makes one choose the path of peace and another that of the destruction of that peace is a manifold thing dependant on a multitude of minor and major life influences. Some who start out on the path of peace may end up on the path seeking to destroy it. Some already on that path may come to seek the preservation of the path of peace. The course of these two paths has a direct bearing on the knife crimes that are being carried out in our cities. Such crimes of bloodletting are stark expressions of the conflict between two alien cultures. Throughout history such encounters with other alien cultures have resulted in bloodletting. Oft times on a terrible scale. What is happening in our midst today is no different.

An alarming proportion of the youth of today have become alienated from the mainstream innocents of our societies to the point where the very ways they dress, speak, think, and live have become sources of imminent and ever-present danger.

Historically, that same alienation has been a two edged sword that our society in its headlong pursuit of the peace in which to live and prosper has progressively; wittingly or unwittingly, brought against itself.

We alienate others amongst us and ignore them at our own peril.

That same history has proved time and again that all forms of alienation are overcome or broken down through some form of dialogue that enables communication to take place. Without that language of communication the bloodletting cannot be stemmed. Communication is the one and only mechanism by which alienation has and can be overcome.

That communication has to be the proper form: a constructive form. Not the destructive form that is mass broadcasted by the media and by violent video games and TV entertainment that lend weight to the fatal mindset that bloodletting is another form of reality game-playing that carries with it no form of penalty or danger. In the face of such highly realistic influences it is little wonder that knife attacks are occurring on a daily basis on the streets of our cites.

Who is ultimately at fault?

Is our society in the grip of a bloody assault by an alien culture of its own creation?


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