Return to the Lost Planet – by Andrew Bell

Return to the lost planet

First time out, we arrived on a shaft of light;
falling into your troubled world, weeping tears of gold.

Cast into the Underworld, we saw how Lucifer
and his legions had infested the Earth.

Saved from a plague of serpents, we witnessed
the heavenly hosts do battle with the forces of darkness.

Then we slept for a thousand years; were watched over
and tested, before the Lord of the Earth made us his own.

And we were taken to Noah to direct his people
in the construction of an ark, from a deserted palace
requisitioned by God.

We heard the sacred dialogue between the Lord Krishna
and Arjuna before the battle of Kurukshetra,

gave comfort to the Son of God at Golgotha,

watched over the cave at Hira, as the Qur’an was
dictated to Mohammad by the Lord of hosts.

And we laboured together through many lives, working
with the forces of light, enduring hunger and suffering as
warriors and slaves.

We taught you many things and were distraught
when you did not hear us, or took no heed of our warnings.

We knew that was the way of the world; that we were
never sent to persuade or cajole, only to lighten the load.

But it was when your Earth started to burn, and we heard
your collective cries for relief from the chaos and the pain,
that we knew it was time to make our final pitch.

Working with your best people, we helped you to move
towards a solution; to find a new way forward.

And you came to see that you were not separate from
your Earth Mother and not separate from each other;
that you could put aside the selfishness and greed.

We knew then that our work was done, that we too
had found redemption; that we could now return to our home.

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