One Night Band – by Barrie Purnell

The dance was over,
The drunk and the sober
Were leaving to walk into the night,
The last of the sinners
The losers and winners,
Exposing their dreams to reality’s light.

Lonely love sick teens
Were leaving their dreams
On the floor with the litter and grime
Where they would remain
Until picked up again
When the band came around the next time

On the edge of the floor
With her back to the door
Stood a girl that real love had passed by
She had turned down again
All the good looking men
She didn’t trust them to not make her cry.

In her faded blue jeans
She was lost in her dreams
Heartache hidden behind her painted smile.
Her eyes, blue and clear,
Held one unshed tear,
But she carried her sadness with style.

She was searching for a love
The sort the band had sung of
I took her arm stepping into the street
Told her she should not grieve
She must always believe,
Told her she should never consider defeat.

I have to tell you she said
Before you take me to bed
I’ve been cut deep by a lover’s pretense,
Promises were made
But I was betrayed
My innocence insufficient defense

She said I’m a train with no line
I am a clock without time
To me love’s a stranger love’s an unknown.
Her voice was poetry
She spoke of love’s mystery,
Some words were stolen some words were her own.

I said forget your past
Don’t reply if you’re asked
Show me the laughter your sadness conceals
Let your craziness show
Until you let the hurt go
You’ll never know just how good crazy feels

Everyone’s days are numbered
But we’re unencumbered
By any promises that we have made
Stay with me for tonight
I’ll make everything right
Let’s give in to loves cruel masquerade

When I woke all that was there
Were my clothes on a chair
She is now at some unknown address,
I knew she had gone
Leaving just before dawn
Wanted freedom more than my love I guess

Left without leaving a note
But on the mirror she wrote
Thanks for the love, sorry that I cannot stay
So I’ll never know
Why she had to go
Was it something that I didn’t say?

Would I see her again
My blue eyed blond friend
Who loved me with her body and rhyme?
I can only take the chance
And go down to the dance
When the band comes to town the next time


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One thought on “One Night Band – by Barrie Purnell

  1. Hello, Barry,

    Once again, a worthy piece from your pen [PC] that highlights the fact that sex is so often mistaken for love. Love and sex are a great combination, sex without love is a fleeting thing.


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