Election Fever by Andrew Bell

It’s half past nine on a Sunday morning.
Sitting on the steps beneath The Old
Market Cross, I’m waiting for you.
Little platoons of cars advance onto the
Pay and Display, squatting on the bleached
tarmac that was once a busy market square.

A jet2 flight from nearby Robin Hood
creeps silently over the Crown Hotel.
The smell of fetid fungi escapes
over the fields from the mushroom farm,
mingling with a heady cocktail of diesel
and coffee beans, as it hits the neat columns
of coachwork and chrome now dressing the
I’m accosted by a man with a pony tail.
He’s clutching a big furry creature
dangling from a pole above my head.
He wants me to speak to it.
But I’m somewhere else.
This is not my business.
Today, it’s the Town House Coffee Shop with you.
I look up thinking I might tell him I don’t do
elections on a Sunday morning; but the furry
creature is already moving off
and I’m left gazing into the space above
the trees, following a sleek silvery dart
slicing silently into the morning sun.
But turning into the street, another one
appears. It looks like a big brown bear,
but it speaks like a woman disguised as a bear.
It’s now invading my space and scratching
my head, telling me it’s the official candidate
for the Big Brown Bear-hugging party
and it’s looking for support. And before I know it,
I’m into this monster hug, and it’s licking
my ears, and I’m thinking: ‘this is a good one’..
But I need to get my face out of its neck..
I need to think about the issues.
But I can’t. This is not my business.
Today, it’s the Town House Coffee Shop with you.
But I’m already on a high and I’m thinking
maybe I should try a hug too. And I’m looking
at strangers, and wondering whether they might
like one.
But just as I’m reining myself in,
you appear by my side.
Hold on tight I said, this one’s for you!

2 thoughts on “Election Fever by Andrew Bell

  1. The pace and panic translates well….I didn’t want to be there either.
    Stanza breaks would make it even more dramatic. I love that coffee place. Love your work Andrew!


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