Rapping Home by Andrew Bell

after Kate Tempest

I’ve been looking at humanity
drowning in its vanity
trying to make a future
from diminishing capacity
sapping its vitality.

See it, take it, then come back
for more
give it to the rich, leaving nothing
for the poor.
Yes, we’ve heard it all before.

But the stakes are all changing
the planet’s now expiring
and we’re still waging war.

So what can you do when nothing
goes to plan?
When there’s falsehood
and deception
and truth goes down the pan?

Is there anybody there
to give succour to humanity
bring back some sanity..

the ones who make things happen
the beneficent and wise
or those who speak in riddles,
the ones who tell the lies,
making anger and abuse
a legitimate excuse?

There are some of us who’ll swear
there’s a God out there in hiding
a God who rules the world.

But for others, that’s just a fiction;
he’s either lost all conviction
or he’s not really there.

Maybe the Gods are all around us
still trying to tell their story..
You can see them in the High street
checking Twitter on their phones
you’ll find them in the pub
and meet them at the races
in office blocks
in betting shops,

and, in various open spaces,
there are others seeking meaning
in passionate embraces.

They say these gods are all within us
trying to tell the truth.
Well for some, that’s too abstruse
it’s not their mission
not their tradition
just a useless proposition.

So who are the heroes
and who are the villains?

Well now I’m all confused!

Should I refer this to divinity
re-establish some affinity,
some connection with a deity
perhaps invoke the holy trinity?

But my head is really spinning.
Is there something more fulfilling
like a god a god could trust
or clear-cut definitions
of what’s rational and just?

So I’m speaking to the silence
and asking simple questions..

Is it okay to ask for guidance?
okay to admit defeat
by leaving poems incomplete
or poems lacking clarity?

But I’m wandering off the point
I must ask with all sincerity..
Is there a message for humanity?

Is there anybody listening?
Is there anybody there?

But there’s nothing coming through
not a word.. nothing more
than the simple recognition
that the truth is very simple..

that there’s really no damnation
no retribution
no hell, no death, no devil..
no god in the sky, no separation.

Only a love that asks for nothing
that assumes no positions..
A love that loves without conditions.

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