The Stalker by Barrie Purnell

He is always there beside me always in my sight
Except in the privacy of night.
He knows my every movement there is no escape,
Following my footsteps
Whenever I’m awake.
I must be careful about what I let him see
He’s always watching me,
He’s always watching me.

Dressed in black or grey the most obvious of spies
Never wearing a disguise.
Not answering any questions that I pose
If he understands me
It never shows.
He can hear me talking that’s why I’m whispering
In case he listens in,
In case he listens in.

He can change his shape it seems just on a whim
Sometimes fat sometimes slim.
In the sunlight he’s dark and menacing
In the gloom he’s pale
And self-effacing
I don’t trust this amorphous ever-changing entity
Sharing my identity,
Sharing my identity.

He has seen all of my triumphs and all my failures too
He sees everything I do.
He is a co-conspirator in all of my many sins
He appears with the light
As each new day begins.
I don’t know if he’s friendly I don’t know him well
How can I really tell?
How can I really tell?

He lurks behind me where the sunlight’s dim
Until the dark devours him.
He is just a nameless, sad and lonely creature
He’s like me but part erased
An outline with no features.
His present and his future actions are already cast
He’s following my past,
He’s following my past.

No one can really tell you what your shadow’s for
Spread-eagled on the floor.
A malevolent presence silent and morose
Never wanting to be held
But always staying close.
Clothed in oak they’ll close my eyes so I can’t see
Then I will be free,
Then I will be free.

3 thoughts on “The Stalker by Barrie Purnell

  1. Hello Barrie. The poem is beautifully written. It gives me an unnerving and disturbing feeling when reading it. Love the verse ‘He lurks behind me where the sunlights dim.’ Fabulous, creepy, threatening quality to the poem throughout. Well done.


  2. Thanks David and Limi
    Hope you are using our enforced isolation to up the writing output
    Look forward to seeing you both when they let us back into the library
    Only just found out how to post!!


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