Picture Prompt

Hi there! Hope you’re spending this extra, enforced, free time on your writing projects. Since I haven’t received any stories or poems to post just lately, I thought I’d give you a nudge with a picture prompt this time.

What does it suggest to you? Where is she, who/what is she running from? She seems to have had time to pick up an umbrella but not put on her shoes – what’s that about? I’m sure there are lots of scenarios that you can create. Have a think, have a write (short story/flash fiction/poem, whatever you like!), then send them to me to share. I look forward to reading them.

Keep safe x


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3 thoughts on “Picture Prompt

  1. Nottinghamshire Police are appealing for information about a man who has been mugging woman for their shoes in Clumber Park. Chief Inspector Mansbits said, “this very disturbed character has been posting pictures on Youtube of his terrified victims fleeing barefoot from their ordeal.” He added, “It seems he is not put off his cruel assaults by the weather. And, fortunately, does not appear to be interested in stealing umbrellas. He may well have a shoe fetish. Or, he may well be collecting them to sell at car boot sales. We have taken the details of some of the shoes, and will be on the lookout for them. In the meantime, woman using the park on their own, are advised to wear laceup boots in an effort to deter this menace.”

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