The Rainbow’s End by Kara Wilkinson

It came so quick from so far and wide,
Our hectic world just taking a dive.

We have all had to take it all in our stride,
The commute to work just being set aside.

This little virus that we can’t even see,
Has changed our world and where we will be.

Our schools have closed and kids are bored,
But it’s given us time to sort all that we hoard.

Some of us have been given permission to chill,
While others have struggled with this time to fill.

Most of us needed this time to sleep more,
Where others may think now rest is a chore.

Where we once wanted a shop just to buy time,
We are all watching it grow, I think it’s called thyme!

We take to the streets to praise the NHS,
Did it have to come to this to prove our gratefulness?

With a rainbow shown on every pane of glass,
To show all that could see, if they should pass.

Now there’s a queue at every single shop,
Where pubs are all closed no chance of a drop!

We’ve become masters in things we’ve never even tried,
We’ve also been scared, some even cried.

Support groups have popped up almost everywhere,
Showing us all that we all really care.

Most of us humans are all wearing masks,
While mums are at home setting school tasks.

If you can’t do your gig, sing it on your drives,
Sell takeaway paella and get grassed in disguise!

Not much can now come from abroad, over sea,
People are giving Boris Johnson the 3rd degree.

Keeping this virus all in our focal,
Until we can get down to our jolly local!

Shopping around means we can get our walk,
Using our high street butchers for pork.

Care workers, frontline and all the like.
Just stay at home for now to cure the bloody spike!

If the media, news just makes you feel down,
Remember who you are and straighten up your crown.

It’s a first, yes B&Q run out of paint,
While your Nan’s at home acting like a saint!

Keep your spirits up and flying high,
But watch out now your local neighbours a spy!

Lock down lessons can now be found,
As long as you don’t have your friends around!

Who knew Sandra could do a facebook live?
Here’s a special mix, live local from Clive!

This horrible virus called Covid- 19
Will piss off a bit quicker if we all use hygiene!

So carry on with your community spirit,
So go on give Love, Cum’ on let’s ‘ere it!

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