‘Finders Keepers’ by Pete Brammer

Pete has come up with another of his stories incorporating song titles – a great writing challenge for any fan – of books, songs … whatever – GB Stamps?
He had underlined the titles, but we’re going to have more fun: Cliff Richard is the only act to have had a number one single in the UK in five consecutive decades, so even some young ones will know quite a few. (Did you see what I did there?) It’s not an exhaustive list – but how many of the 34 contained, can you find?


In the early 80’s I was in my early 30’s and feeling like a bachelor boy after splitting with my wife Samenita.

For my summer holiday, I decided to take in the sights of Rio de Janeiro and visit the famous Copacabana Beach, a place I had always dreamed of, after hearing the song by Barry Manilow.

My second day there was the day I met Marie. To me, she was the most beautiful girl in the world.
We happened to meet on the beach , where she was dancing very provocatively. It was her wonderful tanned skin and slim body that attracted me to her, and I couldn’t blame it on the Bossa Nova. I felt good vibrations, and as a lump came into my throat, I nervously told her. “I think I’m going to fall in love with you.” It felt like a schoolboy crush all over again.

Her little hand tightened its grip on mine. “Yes, I could easily fall in love as well.”

In a soft voice she whispered, “Move it!” as my hand gently fondled her inner thigh.

“Do you want to dance?” she asked.

“No not really.” I had visions of showing myself up. I believe in the old saying, walk don’t run.

“By the way, you haven’t even asked my name.” she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, I’m sorry. What is it?”

She smiled. “It’s Samantha.”

I must have looked surprised. “That’s funny, my last partner was called Sam; so it’s a case of goodbye Sam, hello Samantha.”

This tickled her. “And what’s your name?”

“Tony Nobel. My friends call me Dynamite.”

“Why?” she looked bemused.

“Well it was a chap called Nobel who invented it.”

“Do you still see Sam?” she asked.

“Afraid not, you see we don’t talk anymore, it wasn’t what you’d call a wonderful life. She was always saying things to get me going, so I used to tell her, wind me up, let me go.”

Samantha frowned, “surely she wasn’t that bad?”

“That Bad? she was a Devil Woman. As far as I’m concerned, she is just a voice in the wilderness.”

“Did you have any children together?”

“Oh yes, I have a boy of eight and twin girls aged three. The young ones, I really miss, as they now live miles away in the country.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I suppose, that’s life and it’s all in the game. Sadly, she’s told the kids, don’t talk to him.”

At that moment, she reached up to wipe a tear from my eye, before kissing me with those lucky lips. Oh boy! was she a living doll! 

“The minute you’re gone, I’m going to miss you.” she said.

“I’m not going to leave you, please don’t tease me”

“Congratulations!” she cried.

“What for?” I asked.

“You’ve won!” she giggled.

“Won What?”

“You’ve won my heart. Let’s get back to your hotel.”

Picking up the bath towels, we left the beach, traveling light in just
our swimwear and thinking of that cosy double bed, waiting for us.

“Who is going to be a lucky boy then?” she winked.

It’ll be me, I hope. As I switched the light off, I thought, I miss you nights.

File:Sir Cliff Richard Allan Warren.jpg

bachelor boy
summer holiday
the day I met Marie
the most beautiful girl
on the beach
blame it on the Bossa Nova
good vibrations
fall in love with you
schoolboy crush
I could easily fall in love
Move it
Do you want to dance?”
walk don’t run
By the way
goodbye Sam, hello Samantha
we don’t talk anymore
a wonderful life
wind me up, let me go
Devil Woman
voice in the wilderness
The young ones
in the country
it’s all in the game
don’t talk to him
lucky lips
living doll
The minute you’re gone
please don’t tease
travelling light
It’ll be me
I miss you nights

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