‘Passing On’ by Andrew Bell

Andrew has written this poem in response to our last prompt of ‘Rite’. Andrew says: ‘I thought it would be interesting to take a look at ‘death’, our very last rite of passage. For some, there is no death as such, only an entrance into a fuller life, whereas for others, it’s prospect can provoke anxiety or dread, compounded by a fear of the unknown or a fear of loss. In this poem, I have tried to strike a more positive note by considering if there is an antidote to this very common fear. And it’s not easy!’

Passing on

If I could reach into the silence
to a still point

where memory and desire
are no longer stirring

where loss is no longer loss,
only a refining.

If I could say goodbye
to old habits, and old haunts,

all the unfinished poems,
and all those things

I have not seen or failed to see,
and hold no regrets..

And if I could look back
on all I have ever loved,

only to take away the essence
and surrender all the rest,

then perhaps in the hour
of my passing

I could come to know the stranger
who is my soul,

and so return to the realm of light
where all are blessed,

having found release
from the ancient fear of death.


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2 thoughts on “‘Passing On’ by Andrew Bell

  1. Difficult subject, thought provoking and treated with real insight. I think it is part of the human condition that only when we are close to death will we know our real self


  2. Thank you Barrie. I agree. When we’re that close, the fear just vanishes. We’re no longer in Kansas, which is where the fear resides. But there are many takes on this. It’s a bit of a minefield!


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