‘Written Down in Blue’ by Barrie Purnell

I tried to write this with humour,
These lines I know are overdue,
But in these times of heartbreak
Could only write it down in blue.

Beneath the sky far from the stars
We look for answers, there are none,
We seem to be just marking time
Chasing laps around the sun.

Caught unawares somewhere between
Being good friends and making love,
However long we talk on line
You know it’s never quite enough.

We’re trying to keep our distance
Within a space two meters wide,
I am running out of love now
You’ve left my heart unoccupied.

Pretending we are face to face
When we are really miles apart,
Withdrawing one look at a time
Waiting for real life to restart.

My rooms now all have too much space,
Caution and quarantine combine
To make us live like strangers,
We talk behind a hashtag sign.

I am searching for the answer
But can’t even find the question,
Men blessed with far more wisdom
Have yet to give an explanation.

I cannot foretell the future,
Cannot forget my past is you,
Maybe all that I can do is wait
Until this storm just passes through.

You know well that my last regret
And my favourite place was you,
I wish that I could find the key
To unlock the person I once knew.

We never even scratched the surface
Of all the things we said we’d do,
You’ve put the sad in all the lines
That I have written down in blue.


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