Crowd – by Michael Healy

I had never been in a real crowd before,
Until we went to see the Changing of the Guard.
Buckingham Palace is surrounded by railings Continue reading


Crowd by Chris South

(Based on ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ by William Wordsworth)

I wandered lonely in a crowd
That drifted by like whirls of smoke
When all at once within its shroud
A voice I heard and thus it spoke…
“Beside yourself and ill at ease,
clutching straws on human seas?” Continue reading

The Rose by Michael Healy


Oh rose how lovely are thy flowers
Almost any colour, shape and smell
Is to be found within your petals.
Single flowers sparkle in the sun, or
Multi bunches of florabunda shade the ground.
From bush to climbers and dwarf to giant
The range of plants is quite outstanding.

Compare the rose to almost any other garden flower. Most are of fixed colour
But choose a rose to complement the flowers around.
No English garden can be complete without the presence of the rose.
And placed around your front door
The scent is most welcoming.

The rose is God’s own flower