Brave New World by Chris South

3rd October 2008 – [and now looking back. Ed.]

Brave New World by Chris South

(A Poem for Austere Times)


Is financial Armageddon here to daunt us?

Are we destined now to reap all we have sown?

Will our deepest, darkest fears come back to haunt us

And terrorise the life that we have known?

Is there nowhere we can run now to escape it?

With each rising sun its banner more unfurled

Whilst the hands of our own artisans did shape it

We stand in fear and face our brave new world.


What future have we made for our descendants

Did we ever really contemplate their plight?

Have our lives being lived in such resplendence

Condemned them to an everlasting night

We’ve gorged ourselves; our bellies so distended

They drag us to our knees with backbones curled

When all at once the feeding frenzy ended

We cower down before our brave new world.


Will there ever be another bright tomorrow

When sun and moon and stars give light again?

An end to self inflicted states of sorrow

Where greed and selfishness cause no more pain

Has our resolve to make this transformation

To the farthest depths of space and time been hurled?

Leaving us in bitter lamentation

To crawl the ruins of our brave new world.

Chris Austerity image