Autumn Poems from Angela O’Connor

Angela gives us a leg-up to Autumn


There she goes moving stealthily

amongst the trees.

Her glorious locks glistening in the

dappled shade.

Languidly she turns,

gazing and alighting where

her beauty decides to bask.

Virginia, you possess a nonchalant presence.

Boldly, yet without fanfare she arrives.

Her leaves creeping into my heart.

Dance, my Virginia, dance

Can you see what she has done here?


Surreptitiously she awakens

Elemental error is repeated

Association of mis-matched months

Semester deviations do confuse

Only to be relived further on

Naturally it is here and there

Australian autumn

Languishes at the feet of March

Invisible to my eye now

Never far from my mind

Veiled in summer sundances

English autumn awaits

Reverent metamorphosis of life

Subtly transforming hues

Invigorating the pleasure palette

Oh the wonder of her

Navigating through hemispheres

Did you see it? There’s points in it – and points mean…