‘My Visiting Robin’ by Joan Saxby

I saw a robin in my garden I hadn’t seen before
I think he likes it as he keeps returning to my door
He looks for worms and crumbs down on the ground
And tweets and sings making a lovely sound.

He’s probably saying that he’s found his lunch
He and the blackbirds are a happy bunch
I am glad that they like my garden so much
Even the rabbit seems happy in her little hutch.

Web by Rachel Hilton

I don’t often write about me. But the word web brought back a cascade of memories.

When I was a teenager, a canary flew into our garage. It was a bright yellow pretty little bird. My Dad managed to catch it, and we put it in a cage. I don’t remember where the cage came from but that’s not important. We did all the usual responsible stuff, placing cards in all the local shops saying “Found: yellow canary” where and when etc, all the usual actions people took before social media. We had no response so it lived in the cage in the dining room of the house. My brother Simon, who is several years younger than me, named it Freedom.  Continue reading