An empty stage (Country) by Pete Brammer

An empty stage (Country) by Pete Brammer

I dreamed about some dear, dear friends,
Whose fame will never wane,
Performing on that mighty stage,
In the Country Hall of Fame.


Patsy Cline looked somewhat sad,
Whereas, Big ‘O’ he looked shy,
‘The Blizzard’ by the great Jim Reeves,
Brought a tear to my eye.


Johnny Cash, he sang San Quentin,
In a makeshift ball and chain,
On next came Boxcar Willie,
Doing whistles like a train.


Gene Autrey with his round-up songs,
Roy Rogers sang the same,
Whilst old Hank Williams, bless his heart,
Said. “Boy I’m glad I came.”


Marty held my full attention,
With a love song so sincere,
That’s when I grabbed my camera,
To secure a souvenir.


The flash, it woke me from my sleep,
Like lightning in the rain,
I knew I’d been with country friends,
Who I’d love to meet again.


Weeks later, came a big surprise,
No bigger one I’ll wage,
For when I picked my photo’s up,
On one … an empty stage!