www.respect.com by Faymarie Morris

www.respect.com  by Faymarie Morris

What happened to respect
for every living thing
that shares our perfect planet,
be it animal or human being?

Buildings, the environment,
all peoples and oneself.
Every living creature,
their welfare, and our health.

It is something taught in childhood
by a caring adult, who,
respects the child they’re teaching.
Can this be said of you?

To get it you must give it.
It is not an inborn right.
And youngsters with respect these days
is not a common sight.

But respect is inside all of them
and with guidance from the start,
a child grows up with values
that come straight from the heart.

If respect was on the Internet
with Worldwide Web access,
then children might apply it,
like computer games, with zest.

For kids are like computers
and if programmed while still young
to show respect to everything,
they will treat respect like fun.

By Faymarie Morris