By Michael Healy


Until about 20 years ago our garden was a rural field,

Alternately planted with corn, wheat or rape, to see what it would yield.

Then in 1996 this land became our garden,

A good 2.2 acres of wilderness for us to harden.

Whilst we wanted a pleasant garden and land,

To attract it as a home for the small wild animals was also planned.


It is now mature with trees, hedge and grass,

And a population of neighbourhood animals to last.

We made a pond to keep some Koi fish.

but a large Heron landing beside changed our wish.

So what do we see within our land?


One of the first was a family of five hedgehogs,

The biggest got stuck in the bars of a wooden fence;

until I got him free and put him on some logs.

About 13 pheasants regularly make home, mainly around our trees,

with woodpeckers and a family of partridges comfortable living free.

Our land drains its rain to the village brook via a 13inch pipe.

Living quite comfortably in this pipe are a family of foxes.

Though we have not told the Village Hunt!


The other week I shouted to my wife, ‘quick, look out into the garden’,

There standing upright and very proud, was the figure of a beautiful doe.

Her glossy brown coat looked so healthy. She stood for a while before she did go.

Badges come snortling for worms in the lawn at night,

Rabbits and squirrels are constant companions, but readily take fright.


And so we have achieved as we had wished,

encouraged and developed life outside our windows.Edited in Lumia Selfie

We pray our God smiles, on this small piece of land,

and all his little creatures who call it home.                            



Michael Healy

(With thanks to Miss Sophie Healy for her suggestion)