What’s in a name by Micheal Healy

Michael’s response to the trigger ‘What’s in a name’ (with or without a ? – think about it.)


‘What’s in a name?’, we have been asked.  And answers came their aplenty.

Your name may be seen as your address, your body being the parcel which it identifies.

Names are not unique, so John Brown might live in the English Midlands.

Similarly named, he could be in Philadelphia, Australia, New York or France.

Most likely¸ they may never meet and never know of each other’s existence,


Sometimes parents do not think things through when allocating names.

So the little bright boy with the surname Hall really does not want to be called Albert.

The Irish family O’teen, might  not want a son named Nick.

And even worse would be to call young Master Mann, Andy.

Or little Miss Tree, Cherry



Those of us with common names can only be but pleased.

Whatever name it is, given a chance to distort it to a nickname,

Then so called friends will do that

Those of us with unusual surnames have no choice.  Thus:


Jensen Button, Bill Gates, Stirling Moss, etc. 

Because of their fame, I doubt it has been detrimental to these.

On the other hand if your name is famous, it can open doors,

And gain access to places for you.  For example; ‘Your Majesty’………