The Spirit by Pete Brammer

My name is Kingsley Kirkham, A brave knight trained to kill, I was stationed at the castle, In Worksop, on Castle Hill.

Then, the building became abandoned, Following a battle which caused my death, Succumbed to an enemy sword, With a fractured skull, no less. Continue reading

Maria and Rosie by Rachel Hilton

Maria and Rosie had been friends as far back as either of them could remember, all through school and their teenage years. They had always been there for each other and now was no different although their circumstances were. Maria now lived on the Upper West Side whereas Rosie lived on the Lower East Side. That in itself said it all. Continue reading

All the Write Pieces

All the write pieces cover imageWe are all getting very excited about the upcoming launch of our super dooper anthology which is taking place this Thursday (9th May, 2019) 18:00 at Retford Library.

To give you a taster of the contents, members will be reading some of their contributions to the publication, and there will be time for a chat, some celebratory drinks and of course, to buy a copy (or two!) of the book.

It’s our first joint publication, so a very special occasion for Retford Writers.  Hope to see you there!

Convictions by Michael Healy

The Judge frowned at the prisoner as the chairman of the jury declared their verdict ‘well’, he said, ‘the Jury have unanimously found you guilty, you are a convict, And as a convict, you will be sentenced for your crime. Stealing sheep is infamous! That crime is frowned upon most seriously in the village in which you and your wife live Taking the livelihood from one of your neighbours must be considered evil, And therefore I sentence you to 6 years as a convict, and that you spend this time in Australia. Away from your family.’   Continue reading

Tree by Michael Keeble

I love trees.  I mean I really love trees.  Not in the way that some people go on about trees as if they know about them, but in a much deeper way.  I cannot really describe how I feel except by saying that I am a tree.  Of course you’re not a tree, you say, I can see that you are just a human being like the rest of us, but that’s the point, you can’t see what I am like inside.  Inside I am a tree.  Continue reading

Leave by Rachel Hilton

They had only been together for a matter of weeks when Cecil asked if Hayley would accompany him on a visit to his parents.  He wanted to introduce her to them and thought it would be a good idea to go for a weekend.  She wasn’t so enthusiastic and told him so.

“It’s too soon, we need to know each other better before we meet each other’s parents.”

“Nonsense, you’ll like my parents and they’ll like you.  They are so easy to get along with.”

He kept on and on at her and eventually she relented.  She didn’t want to go, it was more to shut him up than anything. Continue reading