Prompt of the week

YooHoo, hi there, helloeeee….

I hope you’re waving back! I’m sure you are, you can’t help yourself when someone waves at you, can you?

Yep, you guessed it, this week’s prompt is ‘Wave’, though of course, it doesn’t have to be a hand wave, it could be a wave upon the shore, a lock of wavy hair, a wave of nausea even…ick! As usual, it’s up to you to use the word as inspiration, decide on interpretation, as well choosing the presentation (hey, look at all those ‘tions’!) – short story or poem, or maybe this week you’ve got an experience you’d like to share as creative non-fiction? Keep it real, or make it up, it’s really up to you, that is the joy of creative writing.

p.s. don’t forget to send us your work, we’d love to read it!

Prompt for the week ‘end’

See what I did there…Week ‘end’… weekend…. well, you get the gist! Yep you can talk about the weekend if you like, or any other sort of end you can think of (rear end…!) but keep it clean please! Of course, this was prompted (gosh I’m on form today) by the tiny little light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, but we know of course, that everything, good or bad, must come to an end someday. Sometimes the end is a relief, as in the end of conflict, but often endings are sad times, so I’m sure this is a word ripe for storytelling/poetry or any other form of creative writing you care to embrace. I look forward to reading your work. Take care.

Prompt: What’s in front of you?

Just for a change, I thought we might take a slightly different approach to the prompt this week and ask you to look beyond your keyboard/notepad and pen and let your eyes rest on an object in your room that has meaning for you, and write a piece around that.

There’s a picture above of my own little dragon , bought from a grimy second hand shop in Pingyao, China. It lives on the mantlepiece as a permanent reminder of a wonderful trip, and below I’ve cheekily added a poem that I wrote about it a while back as a ‘starter for ten’. You can choose to write absolutely anything – an ornament; book; plant; record; picture… or maybe even the pen you’re using… I’m sure we’ve all got something with a memory or sentiment attached.

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Prompt of the Week

Oh I do like a good old clear out now and again. Uncovering treasures that have been in the back of cupboards, or boxed up in the loft, can bring back all sorts of precious memories. But there is always something lurking there that makes you wonder what prompted you to keep it in the first place.

‘Chuck that, it’s just junk’

But it must’ve had it’s moment in my life somewhere along the line. I guess all junk has its own history. After all, as the saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!’ So have a go at this week’s prompt:


Any old style or format: poem; short story; extract; creative non-fiction or even some flash fiction. Go on give it a go. Find some junk and give it a backstory!

Prompt for the Week

Some of us were privileged enough to attend our leaders, Kevin Murphy’s, recent birthday bash, and what a lovely do it was too! (Excuse me if I just take a moment to thank Kevin’s wife, Diane, for providing us with such a scrumptious spread, it was amazing!) The event inspired this week’s prompt of


Of course, your piece doesn’t have to be about a birthday party, it can be about any ol’ sort, and I have to say I amazed myself with the number of options I came up with when I started thinking about it: Hen/stag parties; Christmas parties (office or otherwise!); party lines (I’m very old – I remember these!); partition walls; political parties (ooh very topical); oh and of course, shooting parties (just sayin’)! There are loads more too – who knew that ‘party’ was such a versatile word, and think of all the different settings you can give them.

As always it can be prose, poetry, flash fiction – anything you like.

Well, I’m off now to start writing, hope you do the same…. we’ll look forward to reading your work.

Prompt for the week

Not sure who came up with this one, but I wonder if they had Halloween in mind when they chose:


As always, it’s up to you how you use it. Poetry, prose, creative non-fiction, maybe even a bit of flash fiction (flash fiction is usually defined as a complete story of no more than 1000 words, though often it can be considerably less, sometimes 500, and if you’re really talented, sometimes just 10!)

Have a go, see what you come up with, and please do share it with us!

Prompt of the Week

Inspired by Bassetlaw Museum’s ‘Museum Stories and Objects‘ exhibition, of which Retford Writer, Kevin Murphy, is a participant, this week’s prompt is:


Just for a change, I’m not going to suggest you use this in any way you like, instead, it would be good to hear about your favourite, most treasured, object. It can of course be anything and you can write a story, a poem, a bit of flash fiction, or any other form you like.

So, about this object of yours… first of all, what is it? What shape/colour/material? Where did you get it? Where do you keep it? Why? Are there sentimental connections? Does it do anything (a music box perhaps?)…. these are just a few suggestions.

Personally, I’ve got lots of ‘favourite’ objects (I’m a sentimental sort), but amongst them is my Tibetan Singing Bowl which I use for meditation, and well, just ‘cos I like to. I’ll tell you all about it some time….

A Sea of Troubles – by Andrew Bell

Ladies and Gentlemen, members of this awesome dissembly,

It is my privilege to shriek to you today through the medium of space, without rinsing my worms; to look back to our future; to explore how we may embrace a sea change in our shrinking, free from excessive red tape, pies in the sky or other porkies and assorted paper tigers; to discover, here and now, where we need to stand firm, but also, to find those moments when we need to move on to better timing. And above all, I urge you, with all my sinews, to hold up your palms, especially to this sea of bubbles (and its associated cant and froth), and by opposing, see it off. For, when all else fails, we need to stand above the crowd, cut through this jungle and tangle: all those lies embedded in convention, to reach an avon of peace and contention.

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child – Flash fiction by Kaye Locke

It felt incongruous sitting there on the bandstand steps in the sunny park, half a dozen of their friends messing about around them, oblivious.   Drew was holding her hand the big faux gold chain on his wrist digging into her arm, replicating the pain.  He was sucking on a roll-up and the smoke blew towards her making her cough.

‘For god’s sake Mel, stop makin’ a fuss. I ain’t gonna stop spliffin’ just fer you, so yer can give that up right now.’

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