Born From Nought? (Almighty Hand) By Chris South

Inspired by music Prelude – L’Apres Midi d’un Faune by Debussy.

Born From Nought?
(Almighty Hand)

By Chris South
Born from nought this world of dreams
When all the heavens heaved a sigh?
No mortal ear beheld the screams
That birthed the earth, the sea, the sky!
How then be it men ponder this
And from their musings understand
The empty womb, that black abyss
Of time and space spewed forth the land?
That from its sulphurous choking bowel
Sprang life in bountiful supply
Each plant and beast, each fish and fowl
Then last not least came man, then I?
Now farther take such wisdom hence
Pray dwell on this; foretell the end of time
What justice shall our world dispense
Befitting of all human crime
What answer holds this universe
That born from nought gives substance still?
Entire existence seems perverse
If back into the void we spill
How then be it men ponder more
And musing fail to understand?
Not born from nought, creations core
Was wrought by an Almighty Hand!

(If you click this link it will open in a new tab.L’Apres Midi d’un Faune You may then wish to come back to this tab to listen while you re-read Chris’s powerful piece)