Pete’s response to the trigger green


The world was astounded by a little school girl who took on their governments, her name Greta Thunberg. She was fighting for this planet of ours, against pollution and destruction of the ozone layer. We will never forget how she took on single handed, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, addressed the United Nations whilst winning all our hearts.

Then, an invisible creature decided to rear its ugly head in Wuhan, China; its name, ‘Coronavirus’ (Covid 19). It grounded aeroplanes; stopped trains, kept vehicles off the road and confined communities to their homes preventing them from disposing of their litter in public places. It did what Greta could not do.

Unfortunately it sadly killed millions as it swept across the globe, taking governments like ours unprepared. For years our government had been slowly running down and destroying the Health Service by privatising areas bit by bit, hoping we wouldn’t notice. This is when it came back to bite them, and boy did it bite them hard. Our nurses, doctors, porters, care workers, and others, too any to mention stepped forward with the ‘Dunkirk Spirit’ putting their own lives at risk, fully aware of a shortage of protective equipment. Unfortunately some paid the ultimate price to protect us. They were angels and we salute them.

During this time, there has been one person who has been overlooked and not given a mention, in any way, shape or form. That person was one of the greatest politicians this country has ever known, Aneurin Bevan the founder of our wonderful NHS.

In order to rectify this, I have written to Her Majesty the Queen, requesting he receive a posthumous Knighthood and appear on a future banknote. This is the least we could do.

Thank God we have great people like Greta Thunberg, Aneurin Bevan and not forgetting Captain Tom Moore.

‘Signals’ by Barrie Purnell

I really enjoyed this original poem that Barrie has written in response to our last prompt ‘Green’.

She stood apart from all the others
Between the music and the wine,
The road behind littered with those
Who had misinterpreted her signs.
Oh yes you were the pretty one
You were every young man’s dream.
They were waiting patiently in line
For your signal to turn green.

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Prompt of the Week

You may be stuck in doors staring out of the window and seeing the leaves beginning to unfurl and the grass having it’s spring growth spurt (it really does grow like the clappers at the moment despite the current dry period we’re experiencing here), or you may be lucky enough to have a patch of land to call your own. I am one of the lucky ones and have been out in my garden busily planting seeds in the hope of a bumper crop of veggies in a couple of months time – veg definitely a priority this year! It is certainly nice to witness the planet still doing its thing even though our lives have been completely turned upside down. Very soon the trees will be fully clothed in green again and its made me wonder what does


mean to you? Despite the trees and the grass, I can’t help but think of Kermit the frog telling me ‘It’s not easy being green’ (if you haven’t heard it, you can listen here (do listen, it’s beautiful)) and my mum telling me to ‘eat my greens’ (thankfully no recording of that…!). Coincidentally, my name on wordpress is ‘greenmum’. When I came up with it many years ago, I was using ‘green’ in the sense of naivety; because I like to think I’m environmentally friendly; and also, more mundanely, because I have green eyes.

So what does ‘green’ inspire you to write? A story? Poem? A bit of creative non-fiction perhaps? As always, let your imagination fly! I look forward to seeing your work.

Take care, stay indoors, and keep writing!