What’s in a name by Micheal Healy

Michael’s response to the trigger ‘What’s in a name’ (with or without a ? – think about it.)


‘What’s in a name?’, we have been asked.  And answers came their aplenty.

Your name may be seen as your address, your body being the parcel which it identifies.

Names are not unique, so John Brown might live in the English Midlands.

Similarly named, he could be in Philadelphia, Australia, New York or France.

Most likely¸ they may never meet and never know of each other’s existence,


Sometimes parents do not think things through when allocating names.

So the little bright boy with the surname Hall really does not want to be called Albert.

The Irish family O’teen, might  not want a son named Nick.

And even worse would be to call young Master Mann, Andy.

Or little Miss Tree, Cherry



Those of us with common names can only be but pleased.

Whatever name it is, given a chance to distort it to a nickname,

Then so called friends will do that

Those of us with unusual surnames have no choice.  Thus:


Jensen Button, Bill Gates, Stirling Moss, etc. 

Because of their fame, I doubt it has been detrimental to these.

On the other hand if your name is famous, it can open doors,

And gain access to places for you.  For example; ‘Your Majesty’………



By Pete Brammer


Down in the wood, it’s understood,

The teddies go in pairs,

Hand in hand, and arm in arm,

Yes, bears have love affairs.


Along the paths, they stroll along,

Without a single care,

A kiss or two upon the cheek,

Yes, bears have love affairs.


At half past three, it’s time for tea,

Then time to climb the stairs,

Together in a feather bed,

YES! …bears have love affairs.

CLICKETY-CLICK by Michael Healy


I was 66 just yesterday

Some say what a fine old age,

Others say it all depends on your own life’s page

You are as old as you feel, I am being told

In that case 66 is not too old


I got out of bed with a spring in my step

And down the stairs I bounded

My wife, as a treat, wanted to go on a trip

To take me to a new Garden Centre

And so, I thought, at 66, that sounds quite enough adventure.


When we arrived (for we had been lost)

I climbed from the car and smiled

I will just take my walking stick, I declared

leaving my scooter in the boot for later

It will be easier that way for my needs to be catered.


But as we wandered down long beds of flowers

And lines of new gardening tools

My decision, I knew, to use just my stick, was indeed that of a fool

My legs did shake and my back did ache

And my eyes insisted I stay awake!

I suddenly found a surprising new interest,

In the conservatory garden furniture

Not that I bothered the salesman there,

I just wanted to find a comfortable chair!

To ease the cares my body now felt


This left my wife free to wander the lanes

And me the chance to ease my pains

Fairly soon I was joined in my lonely corner

By another man trying a chair

He smiled as he sat with a look of lost cares


‘Nice furniture’ I remarked to him

He smiled ‘Oh, I just needed a chair for a rest’

It was then I decided, accept the age and condition that you are in,

With wonky legs and a foggy head

Don’t be 22 when there’s such pleasure in being 66!

                                                                                                                       Michael Healy

INTERCESSIONS by Michael Healy


To ask for help

  1. A Personal Prayer

Oh God our help in ages past

Do not desert us at our last,

Overlook our sins, our greed,

Our vanity, and intercede                               

On our behalf, that we may gain,

A Place inside that Holy Train,

To take us to eternal life;

At least for me and my wife.


  1. Dear Wife, Please Help

Dear Wife do come and help me please,

I need your help, it is not a tease.

My socks are stuck around my neck,

I need your help, Oh Please! Oh heck!

I cannot reach my little toes,

They are so far down from my nose.

In between is my big fat tum

Oh please dear wife, be my mum!

                                                 Michael Healy