Scratch – by Michael Healy

I bought a new car, of which I was most proud
A long wheelbase XJ Jaguar which stood out from the crowd
To be fair it was quite a big car and needed caution around town
Otherwise, if pushing past, it would make some motorists’ frown
I kept it very clean and polished, its black paint did gleam
And even the wheels did glisten and shine
So, when I put a mark on it, I really did pine

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The New Car: Toys and all by Michael Healy

The New Car: Toys and all.

I have a sort of passion for four wheels and an engine.
Driving along a quiet road is really relaxation.
Though my car was very nice,
jag old
 I’ve changed it for a new one
Similar it is to the one I had, but lighter in colour; than before.
For winter it has seats that warm you, and in summer they can cool, Jag new
These seats can even give a massage to the muscles if they are sore.
For those in the back there are two televisions; which the grandchildren both adore.
There is also a TV in the front, if you are stuck in a jam,
But used for navigation, it can tell me where I am.
Driving along is all automatic, with 8 gears in the box,
And the cruise control keeps you from the car in front, even if it stops
These excess gadgets, I had not sought,
But as I think a little more, it is probably why I bought!
It is all a little exaggerated, but it still gets me from A to B
But I like my cars for more than that, as I am sure you can see.
                                                                                                                    Michael Healy