Winter Is Coming by Limi Jones

A sonnet.
Using Shakespearean Limi Jones has attempted the abab, cdcd, efef, gg rhyming and 10 syllables per line scheme.

Winter is coming

Autumn colours gone for the trees are bare
And the land is cold where nothing will grow.
There’s nowhere to hide for the mad march hare
As rain turns to sleet and the sleet turns to snow.

Up in the heavens and clear crystal skies
Dark ravens land on a frost fingered tree.
Forlorn echoes of their fae shrouded cries.
Ink blots once more as the glide away free

Thick snow covers land like frosting on cake
Sprinkled with gemstones which glimmer and shine,
moonstone hard water on a cold still lake
Where the sun can’t enter their dark shoreline.

The old winters Gods have come for their keep
Embracing the land enchanted in sleep.

Pilgrims of the Sky by Limi Jones

Pilgrims of the sky
The swallows swoop and sweep across the sky
Acrobatics ready for their long-haul flight.
Back to the land where the spice trail starts.
The smell of sweet, syrupy, sticky treats
Where vendors peddle their exotic goods
To dark skinned women, with laughter eyes and warm smiles.
Cotton clothes that are caressed by the blistering desert breeze
Move in, rebellious, riots of rich shades.

Laughter, call of sellers, squeals of children at play
Ceaseless, chatters, conversations echo through the ancient streets.
Voiceless whispers of stories, imprinted like ghosts
On once grand, now crumbling fortress walls.
Calling their feathered companions their yearly guests
The flying devotees, pilgrims of the heavens and skies.
The dessert sands once again raise their arms to embrace
The swallows to their native homelands.