Proud Men by Joe Lyons

Proud Men by Joe Lyons

They went downt pit did those proud men

I knew plenty in times back then

Created wealth, England was once built on

Short sightedness of politicians made sure this work was gone

Never a thought they might be wrong

They’ll perhaps reconsider when the opportunities gone

There’s enough coal underground, maybe for a hundred years

All they had to do was make it clean get rid of pollution fears

In truth it would keep costs down and make our future strong

They will never even think about it until the time to act is gone

Among those proud men are family

Relatives and friends it’s plain to see

Start off young spirited full of hope and dreams

It’s now hard to find jobs even in their teens

Generations would proudly go to earn their pay

They’d sweat and toil both night and day

Underground the air is dusty and stale

The men would find refreshment in a pint or two of ale

When older lungs start to struggle and rasp

Sometimes the act of breathing so hard they gasp

In the past they’d make way for sons to take their place

With these jobs gone they become a long lost race.

Dedicated to mining communities everywhere