Youth In Revolt by Steven Halinski

Youth In Revolt

basically the follow on from my earlier poem, “Arrested Youth”. The second chapter of it, if you will,

Steven Halinski

My lungs; coal

Like the black ice

Scorching around them.

Smoke, smoke

Filling each breath

That penetrates

The glaciers surrounded.


My path is as narrow

As the minds around me,

Smashed are the rules

By the hand that guides me.

I make my own decisions now –

Decisions are the prisons how

I lock myself towards

To grow my freedom’s roses.


Done are the days I vegetate and decay,

I grow myself my truth

Not based on what they say

But to be prison-free;

Shut off from the shackles

Of the past indecencies.


Claimed be the suffering I lament,

I no longer continue prison sent –

I take my dreams and leave my plea

Based on not yours but my consent.