IT’S OUR TIME by Barrie Purnell

IT’S OUR TIME by Barrie Purnell

The politicians ask for our views then try to defy us.

Their pinstriped Whitehall army they all try to deny us.

They offer promises of future riches thinking they can buy us.

They think that we are naïve, but we are no longer deceived,

We now really believe our objectives can be achieved.

If they lived like us for just one day they’d know what we meant

And understand the anger in the message that we sent.


The Bishops with their scepters, purple robes and finery

Stand in great cathedrals preaching to us of life’s mystery,

Using incense to cover the stench of their own hypocrisy,

Telling us our sins to forsake, to surrender our wealth for others sake.

Giving us penances to undertake, for some perceived moral mistake.

But until we see their own riches given to the dispossessed

We reject all their threats for rules supposedly transgressed.


The lawyers who profit from other people’s troubles and distress,

They talk in labyrinthine riddles their benighted clients to impress.

Money, not upholding morality, is how they measure their success.

They have no sense of shame and it is never them who are to blame,

But we have seen through their game, now it’s our turn to claim.

Soon their clandestine deals will be exposed to everyone

And we will judge them for all the wrongs they’ve done.


The experts who manipulate statistics to fit the theory of the day.

Who are never independent, but compromised by those who pay,

Their reputation for infallibility is in irretrievable decay.

The rules of the game are reset, their certitude they may well regret.

There is no information we can’t get by Googling the internet.

They used to own the knowledge telling us why and how

But sat at our computers we can all be experts now.


We care not for the loss in GDP, we saw nothing from the gain,

It was just their wealth they were protecting when they voted to remain.

We see nothing of value in those institutions they wanted to retain.

We don’t want to take our orders from those out-with our borders

We’re tired of carrying on our shoulders the parasites and freeloaders.

We are a stubborn island people and know we’ve got what it takes.

We will pay for our own failures and make our own mistakes.


Those who think they are superior because of an accident of birth,

Or too young to have the perspective of what freedom is really worth,

They thought they would fall heir to all the riches of this earth,

But now their future is in doubt, their arrogance caught them out.

No one will hear them shout from their privileged redoubt.

The time has come to bring about their ultimate defeat,

That ruling privileged minority, that liberal elite.