Winter Is Coming by Limi Jones

A sonnet.
Using Shakespearean Limi Jones has attempted the abab, cdcd, efef, gg rhyming and 10 syllables per line scheme.

Winter is coming

Autumn colours gone for the trees are bare
And the land is cold where nothing will grow.
There’s nowhere to hide for the mad march hare
As rain turns to sleet and the sleet turns to snow.

Up in the heavens and clear crystal skies
Dark ravens land on a frost fingered tree.
Forlorn echoes of their fae shrouded cries.
Ink blots once more as the glide away free

Thick snow covers land like frosting on cake
Sprinkled with gemstones which glimmer and shine,
moonstone hard water on a cold still lake
Where the sun can’t enter their dark shoreline.

The old winters Gods have come for their keep
Embracing the land enchanted in sleep.

MOVING BOXES, by Angela O’Connor


Still they sit in the shed. Empty. Cold. Lifeless
Never looked at, she wonders why she keeps them.
Just hang onto them.
They may be of use. Or do they represent something else?

Her. Love for her. Annoyance of her. They are from her address.
Stickers of a home no longer visited.
They must not be tossed out. Spiders can weave their fine homes.
But never thrown. Never thrown. Always at my home.

Roger Butler

Snapshots of Summer by Andrew Bell

Snapshots of Summer

The May blossom, once laden
with exquisite snow-white sleeves, is now long gone,
but remains poised in another world
to be reborn in late summer,
dressed as the hawthorn’s haws, ripening.
And, as the summer evenings wane, and the morning light
slips, the peonies, once proud and brashly red,
are now collapsed, with petals scattered.
The delicate roses, once feisty, are now drab
and self-effacing.
The tired leaves of the birch and aspen, appear patchy
and disfigured,
all slowly sickening, forever patient in their readiness
for the fall to come.

But always, there remain the pleasing summer sights
and sounds of childhood:
the insistent droning of a distant plane,
breaking the silence of sultry sunny afternoons,
the stifling heat invading my upstairs room, mitigated
by a whining fan my mother brought,
bringing some relief, but interrupting sleep..
the persistent clicking and chirping of the grasshoppers
emerging from the long grass behind the shed
and those long summer evenings, when the day
suddenly quietens, and there is a hush in the trees,
as the sun vanishes below the horizon, gilding
the distant hills with an incandescent glow of ochre and red,
quickening the cloudless sky to a delicious blue
heralding a stunning starlit display,
as dusk gives way to night.

‘Signals’ by Barrie Purnell

I really enjoyed this original poem that Barrie has written in response to our last prompt ‘Green’.

She stood apart from all the others
Between the music and the wine,
The road behind littered with those
Who had misinterpreted her signs.
Oh yes you were the pretty one
You were every young man’s dream.
They were waiting patiently in line
For your signal to turn green.

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Come Hear Us!

North Notts Literary Festival

Exciting news folks! Retford Writers Group have their very own slot in this upcoming festival. Why don’t you come along and hear our talented poets and story tellers read some of their more light-hearted work on

Saturday, 14th September, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

at The NNLF Lounge, Chapelgate, Retford, DN22 6PJ

See the full programme at

Also… watch out for our very own Kevin Murphy and Pete Brammer who are both hosting their own spots during the course of the Festival!

Tonight’s the night!

All the write pieces cover imageYes, it’s time to put on make-up, it’s time to light the lights*…  The official launch of our anthology is just a few hours away, so we’re all busy rehearsing and preparing.  I do hope you’ll be able to join us for this celebration of the talented Retford Writers.  The launch will take place in Retford Library, at 6:00 p.m. this evening (9th May 2019).  The writers will be reading excerpts from some of their contributions, and there will be a chance to chat, buy copies of the book, and enjoy some celebratory drinks and nibbles. Do come along, and of course, if you are an aspiring Retford Writer join our group and maybe your piece will be published in the next anthology!

* thanks to the muppets for the quote!!