‘Seat 84, Aisle’ by Angela O’Connor

Racing towards the next stop we sit, we fidget, we avoid eye contact.

Pretending to read the same paragraph over and over.

Brief stops download and upload. A contained cage of Wifi. Contrived communication.

The squares of light we inhabit speed through the Winter night. Eyes watch from the A1.

From behind a square sits


Condensation mimics the unwelcomed heat of age, silicon failing and gaps emerging.

Fingering the near empty recyclable cup. Round and round where will it stop.

Shunted forward Costa detritus seeps onto the LNR table.

Drop the mask, wipe it clean.

How did you get here?

No, longer empty and agreeable to life.

Half a century sees the path ahead- yours, mine, his, hers, theirs.

We are now pulling into Retford station. Home.

Readings in Retford

This weekend the North Notts Lit Fest was in full swing in Retford and the Retford Writers Group reading was just one of many exciting events taking place in different venues around the town. Since our slot was fairly early on Saturday morning we weren’t expecting too much of an audience, so were pleased to see the newly created cafe filling with people as 10:00 a.m. approached.

Eleven members each read a piece of their work, and for this session we all chose something a little lighthearted, which we felt was more appropriate for a sunny Saturday morning!

Although there was a fairly modest number in the audience, they all seemed very appreciative, and we were delighted to hear afterwards how much they had enjoyed the session. Our thanks go to the organisers of NNLF for giving us the opportunity to share our work with local residents, and we very much hope that the rest of the weekend was as successful as our session!


Retwords – Retford Writers’ Workshop

2018 – our seventh year arrives

Publishing and publicity will be our new resolution

A group of around twenty aspiring writers from North Nottinghamshire all with a desire to improve their writing techniques.

We do this by sharing our work on a two-weekly basis at Retford Library, – alternate Thursday afternoons 2-4pm.

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