Ship by Kevin Murphy

Acrotiri, Cyprus, August 1976.

Captain Manders had tucked up five year old Janine after his wife had read her story.

Jackie now stood biting her thumb watching her husband carrying out his nightly routine of fine-tuning his tiny moustache, before leaving her for the Officers’ Mess.

He felt her presence and gave her a glance. He finished the right side with a flourish and turned to her, seemingly for approval. Continue reading

The Denizen of the Deep – by Chris South

(or The Curse of the Mariners Sleep)

In a tavern with a sailor I sat in Whitby bay
Drinking rum from a gallon drum
On a cold November day
And he told me his tale
Of a monstrous whale
The curse of the mariners sleep
Of how he fought
And was nearly caught
By the denizen of the deep Continue reading

This week’s prompt

Well, this week we’re asking you to come up with a piece of creative writing inspired by the word


As always, you can use it any way you like – ship as in boats, ship-shape, friendship – I’m sure you can think of many more connotations. Try and use your imagination to think of an unusual slant on the subject – work to be fresh and original, and of course, enjoy!