The Homework by Michael Healy

The Homework  by Michael Healy


My nine year-old Grand-son came running up to me

‘Grandpa, Grandpa, I need your help please’.  ‘Just lets see’.

‘Stop and take a breath of air, and tell me what it’s about’.

‘I have my homework to do tonight.’ ‘ Alright, I said, don’t shout.’

‘Well, I will help you if I can, but don’t forget it is YOUR homework’.

‘Tell me what you have been set, you cheeky little Turk’.            


He smiled and snuggled up to me.  How could I not help.

‘We have to make a poster on a scientific theme’,

‘And what subjects had you in mind, and what do they mean’.

He turned his lips down, and produced a sad frown

‘I have looked through the web, but not written anything down’.

Ummm, I thought.  ‘Well let us see’.


‘What about using water as the subject?’

‘No, that will make the paper all wet’                                               

‘Oh, silly billy that is not what I meant’.

‘My names not Billy.  Oh I know, son’

‘And I am your Grandson not your son’

‘Yes I know, it is just the way I talk’.

‘Well can we get on with my project,

instead of this verbal walk’.

I Laughed!

homework rainbow

We get the card for your poster and print ‘WATER’ in the middle

Then print ‘Facts’ on either side almost like a riddle

Followed by pictures across the top of liquid, ice and clouds or steam

The states of water is what we mean

Hey, this sounds good Gramps!

Well now I’ve given you some ideas you can do the research

Thanks Gramps, I will let you sit in peace now, back on your perch.

‘Perch!’ you make me sound like a bald eagle!

I sat back in my chair.

We both laughed.

Michael Healy


Sun by Angela O’Connor-Salinas

Sun by Angela O’Connor- Salinas

Up she rises early morn

Burning me with her glow

Embers of her fiesty fire

Scorch my gentle soul

Deep deeper deepest


Before you an enchanting warmth

Sei solare!

For I no such pleasurable vista

Her cruel radiance clouds my vision

Damp damper dampest


My drenched spirit sets