Sad Extinction of the Trees by Michael Healy

Sad Extinction of the Trees

Ouch! said the tree, I felt that, it hurt.

Yes its that guy down there,

making all that noise and dirt

Haven’t you seen what happened to the Poplar next door to me?

What?   Fallen! cut down flat.

Thirty years growing and that is that.


Through gales, snow and floods we have all stood proud.

New owner comes in and starts to treat us like a crowd.

First one, then two, then ten and twenty; we all crash

Turns us into trash!

All in his first 30 days


Now the rain will run right down the land,

the wind will blow a gale

And as for our neighbours next door;

Now they can see from their abode,

right up to Tuxford Gaol.

Dr Michael Healy, Egmanton