Prompt of the week

As you should know by now, at the end of each meeting of the Retford Writers we decide on a prompt just in case any of us need a nudge to write for the next session.  This weeks prompt is


It can be used any old way you like…i.e. ‘a rose by any other name…’; ‘he rose from his coffin…’; ‘there was a snail in the rose on the watering can…’ – in prose, poetry, biog, in fact wherever your imagination and creative juices take you!

Of course, you don’t have to be a Retford Writer to give it a whirl. We’d love to see your efforts too.

SNAPPED by Pete Brammer

Trigger – Fair – Flash fiction from Pete

SNAPPED by Pete Brammer

At the end of a ‘Caterpillar Ride’ at the fair, the canvas roof peeled over to reveal a dead body slumped in the seat. The police were duly alerted by the fair owner, who was visibly shocked, at the discovery.

On their arrival, the police closed

Caterpillar ride at Hull Fair 2014

down everything and stopped anyone from leaving.

CID Inspector Calvin Jones had been placed in charge of the case.

Unbelievably, it took him only a couple of hours to solve the murder, thanks to a torn photograph of the killer leaving the ride, taken by a young lady who had been too frightened to go on herself.

The friends of the girl, on joining her, had snatched the Polaroid picture out of her hands and tore it up, because they considered it unflattering.

Arthur Duncan Clark was found guilty at Leeds Assizes and ended his life swinging from a set of gallows within the prison.

Story fictional.
Picture © Copyright Ian S and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

MAKE IT STOP! by Cynthia Smith

This one in response to our trigger ‘Stop’


If I hide here will it stop:

The crunch of the shells,

The screams of the dying?

Will they forget about me

So I won’t have to go over the top?


The fields at home now are in full crop.

Shall I see them again,

Kiss Mother and Dad,

Hold little Elsie’s hand?

Or will my bones be left here to rot?


They felt such pride to see me atop

The bus, wearing smart khaki.

Thank God they can’t see this hell,

As so many men are mown down.

But where is God? Please make it stop!

Cynthia Smith