Released by Andrew Bell


Sitting in the study, I'm watching 
the early morning mist give way 
to the rising sun, 
waiting for your call, 
waiting for the clock 
to announce another day 
captured by the call to work;

when I noticed a single stem of freesia 
in a display you'd carefully arranged, 
had split.

As I reached for the stem, 
the delicate blend of purple and white 
and the subtle fruity sweetness 
took hold.

Time passed away, as the day ahead 
took flight,
unlocking a few precious moments, 
here now ablaze in my hand,

opening up an inner landscape 
where nothing is hidden 
or set by the clock, where everything is given…

Was this your call from beyond?

where the love you have shown me, 
has shown me how to love,

how that love may forever flow,
how it all made me think and take stock.