THE WAR IS OVER by Barrie Purnell

THE WAR IS OVER by Barrie Purnell

When I told you our affair was over you reacted with surprise.

I honestly believed by now, that even you would realize,

Your deceptions and betrayals I no longer can forgive.

Our love a desert of duplicity was somewhere I couldn’t live.

You do not need me for a citadel, where you can run and hide,

When the next ephemeral lover casts you and your love aside.

I don’t want to argue with you, discuss it with you, or explain,

Our love affair was simply something that neither of us could sustain.


Why do you ask if you can return to live with me again

Knowing that would just result in yet more misery and pain?

The love we had proved at best to be a weak and transient spark

Sufficient only to illuminate one small corner of the dark.

You could say we were two random rocks, both hewn by chance,

From life’s inexhaustible quarries of fateful circumstance.

You promised exclusivity but the contract was never signed,

You loved me with your body but never loved me with your mind


This is not the time to regret it, resurrect it, or to weep,

We both made many promises that were too difficult to keep.

I opened up my heart to you but you still demanded more,

A rip tide dragging me away from the safety of the shore.

You knew I could not swim yet pulled me out into the deep,

You were an insurgent in my head driving out my sleep.

I asked you for a cease fire between my love and yours

You demanded my surrender but could not get my signature.


I lie alone on my barren bed staring blankly at the moon,

Which still throws your absent shadow across the empty room.

You are there hiding, like an uninvited guest, inside my brain.

Your pleas for my forgiveness haunt me like an unwanted refrain.

If a cure for one more broken heart is what you’re talking of

I can offer you my sympathy but I cannot give you love.

Listening to the late night radio realizing, but too late,

How fragile was the border fence between true love and hate.


So don’t tell me now you are surprised that our affair didn’t last,

Our dreams are now just worn out yesterdays fading to the past.

Your treachery left us talking through a veil of poisonous pretense,

My failures just ammunition for you to use in your defense.

This time you’re going to reap the harvest of the lies that you have sown

But just believe me, you don’t need me, you can make it on your own.

You were only ever an itinerant gypsy girl visiting my bed,

Now at last our war is over and not a drop of blood was shed.