Prompt for the week ‘end’

See what I did there…Week ‘end’… weekend…. well, you get the gist! Yep you can talk about the weekend if you like, or any other sort of end you can think of (rear end…!) but keep it clean please! Of course, this was prompted (gosh I’m on form today) by the tiny little light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, but we know of course, that everything, good or bad, must come to an end someday. Sometimes the end is a relief, as in the end of conflict, but often endings are sad times, so I’m sure this is a word ripe for storytelling/poetry or any other form of creative writing you care to embrace. I look forward to reading your work. Take care.

Prompt: What’s in front of you?

Just for a change, I thought we might take a slightly different approach to the prompt this week and ask you to look beyond your keyboard/notepad and pen and let your eyes rest on an object in your room that has meaning for you, and write a piece around that.

There’s a picture above of my own little dragon , bought from a grimy second hand shop in Pingyao, China. It lives on the mantlepiece as a permanent reminder of a wonderful trip, and below I’ve cheekily added a poem that I wrote about it a while back as a ‘starter for ten’. You can choose to write absolutely anything – an ornament; book; plant; record; picture… or maybe even the pen you’re using… I’m sure we’ve all got something with a memory or sentiment attached.

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Prompt for the week

From journalism to plagiarism and printing, when you start thinking about it, the word ‘copy’ has many connotations, so you should be able to come up with a few ideas for stories, poems, or perhaps a bit of creative non-fiction (autobiographical) (Come on… own up.. did you ever copy anyone else’s homework? Did you get caught or get away with it?). So pull on your writing hats and set about getting your thoughts around ‘COPY‘ on paper. Don’t forget to share them with us!

Prompt of the Week

Our prompt this week is:


You can use this any way you like – Location; Locality; Localise, or even Lo-cal! It would be lovely to hear a bit about where you live, but just use the word to inspire you. Why not try a bit of freewriting, just 15 minutes of pen to paper – no stopping, or punctuation, just a free flow of words, a bit like word association if you like. See where it takes you. After that, you can either edit it into a fully formed piece, or just search it for gems. The finished piece can, of course, be prose, poetry, fiction or biography, or anything else you can think of! We look forward to reading your work.

Prompt of the Week

Inspired by Bassetlaw Museum’s ‘Museum Stories and Objects‘ exhibition, of which Retford Writer, Kevin Murphy, is a participant, this week’s prompt is:


Just for a change, I’m not going to suggest you use this in any way you like, instead, it would be good to hear about your favourite, most treasured, object. It can of course be anything and you can write a story, a poem, a bit of flash fiction, or any other form you like.

So, about this object of yours… first of all, what is it? What shape/colour/material? Where did you get it? Where do you keep it? Why? Are there sentimental connections? Does it do anything (a music box perhaps?)…. these are just a few suggestions.

Personally, I’ve got lots of ‘favourite’ objects (I’m a sentimental sort), but amongst them is my Tibetan Singing Bowl which I use for meditation, and well, just ‘cos I like to. I’ll tell you all about it some time….

This Week’s Prompt

A trio for you to try this week, inspired, I think, by our participation in the North Notts Literary Festival last weekend!

Feast – Festive – Festival

Why don’t you try a different genre this week? If your comfort zone is fiction write a poem instead, or if your a prolific poet, have a go at a short story, or piece of flash fiction. It’s always good to stretch your writing muscles, so go on, push yourself and let’s see what you come up with. Have fun!

This Week’s Prompt


Isn’t it funny how a scratch can be both hurtful and soothing? If like me, you’ve been dead heading the roses all summer, your arms may well be covered in scratches, and they sting like anything. But I’ve also been bitten half to death by the proliferation of insects that seem to think I taste like the best thing since sliced bread this year, and of course, all I want to do, night and day, is to give ’em a good old scratch.

So already there’s a couple of options to write about. But then there’s animal scratches, scratchy pens, scratched initials in a tree trunk, ‘scratch that’, ‘you scratch my back…’ oh so many ideas… and I’m sure you could think of lots more. So where do I start??

As always, use the prompt in any old way you choose – Poetry; prose; fiction; non-fiction… it’s up to you. Be inventive, be cheeky, be funny, be scary, be serious! We’d love to hear your work, so do share it here.

This week’s prompt

We always try to choose a trigger/prompt that has several meanings or connotations and which will spark the imagination. This week’s is no exception, and I’m sure there are many stories to be found in the masses. Parties, sports spectators, the crush on the bus must all be breeding grounds for good pieces of creative writing, be it fictional or your own experience.  Give it a go, and share your poems and stories with us!



This week’s Trigger

There was some lovely work produced by our members inspired by the last trigger/prompt ‘Test’.  If you’re stuck for a theme this week why not try using this week’s suggestion:


Use it any way you like, any meaning you can think of, and any style! Be creative and think outside the box.  If you’re stuck, try some freewriting around the subject and see where it takes you – ten minutes writing anything that comes into your head – no punctuation, no worrying about spelling or grammer, just write and have fun, then you can use the ideas to create something great!