Writing by Pete Brammer

Encouraging acrostic from Pete


Words make sentences, a jewel,

R? The 3 R’s, so confusing at school.

Ink we had in ink wells.

Thesaurus gives alternate words.

Index what you have written.

Nouns are living things like kittens.

Grammar a system of writing rules.


So Retford Writers, just stay cool!





In my real life I am conventional I wear a suit and tie

A middle class professional is who I typify

In my real life I am a scientist an engineer by trade

I fix things when they’re broken I know how they are made

In my real life I am god fearing no one knows I’ve sinned

I don’t annoy my neighbours my lawns are neatly trimmed


In my real life I avoid an argument I am both mild and meek

I don’t like impetuosity I think before I speak

In my real life my pension is why I worked hard all my life

I achieved a certain status I had a well respected wife

In my real life my friends are all similar to me

But now I’ve got to thinking if that’s how it’s got to be


In my secret life I am a rebel not wanting to conform

I want to be a writer who can inspire and can inform

In my secret life I am a romantic seeking out the truth

Making up for all those years I wasted in my youth

In my secret life I’m Leonard Cohen writing a memorable song

I’m Retford’s answer to Bob Dylan righting every wrong

In my secret life my songs are lovers aphrodisiac of choice

The bereaved they use my poetry to give their grief a voice

In my secret life my stories are read out on radio four

When I sign my book in Waterstone’s the queues are out the door


But these are flights of fancy which I always had assumed

Would stay inside my secret book inside a darkened room

But in real life I joined a group of creative Retford writers

So the light inside that darkened room is now a little brighter

Could it be they will provide me with the inspiration

To resolve the problem of my secret life’s frustration

I may not find fame or fortune or save the world from strife

But I aim to make reality closer to my secret life

WORDS by Joe Lyons

WORDS by Joe Lyons

 Words once wrote did thoughts provoke
They chase around the brain
Flitting here, hovering there, never to be the same
Alighting on paper to leave an entry there
Like a butterfly in the garden hovering without care
Each thought grows ever stronger vivid colours mark the senses
Nothing bad could ever hide there, with innocent pretences
Always changing, always the same
Information is used by any name
Sights, sounds, smells and tastes
Lest we forget them in our haste
Light and dark colours, govern each day
Controlling, calming, come what may
Feelings, memories, the paper takes till full
Whatever you believe thoughts can never be dull
From the pen streams words using vowels and verbs
In truth, to tell a tale no matter how absurd

Empty Page! by Chris South

Empty Page! by Chris South

 Empty page!
4am and yet
Another empty page
Waiting for these words
Here they come once again
Contemplating meanings
They mutter and stutter
Flutter around like birds inside my head
Searching for a perch on which to hide
Somewhere they cannot be read
So here they come
These thoughts
Which should by now be dreams
Some with faces
Some with names
Others bursting at the seams
In desperation to be heard
Those feelings locked away inside
That seldom speak a word
Now vocalise their pain
Rise up to the surface
And then submerge again
Sleep is now an option
Rather than necessity
Perhaps I’ll listen longer
Hear what I would say to me
Where will this all end?
How long shall I spend tonight
What more can I write
To say what has not thus been said?
What else can be written
That cannot yet be read
Within this book?
Take a look
Back through these pages of my life!
Each one tells a story
Some of glory some of strife
Hopes and dreams and fantasy
All laid out in rhyme to see
Fear, pain, frustration, rage
And then?
Empty page!