Want to write but don’t know where to start?

Why not try freewriting? Pick a word or topic, anything will do (there’s some suggestions on this site if you’re stuck), set a timer for fifteen minutes and just write. No punctuation, no thinking, just like a word association game.  See where your imagination takes you.  When you’ve finished read it through. Some of it might be rambling nonsense, but there will almost certainly be a gem or two that you can start to work with. No stress, just fun!

What can you see from where you’re sitting right now? Books, plants, ornaments, a pile of papers, a mug? Where did you get it? Has it sentimental value? Does it make you happy/sad/angry? Write about it as if you were talking to an audience. Remember, all first attempts are drafts, it goes without saying that everything you write will need to be edited, edited and edited again, so don’t worry if it sounds odd or daft – it means it’s original!

Keep a writers notebook! Write down all your ideas, snippets of overheard conversations, favourite things….. anything at all, just to get you writing everyday. This website has some useful, and fun, ideas: 10 Terrific Notebook Ideas to Inspire Creativity

Here are a few useful websites and articles which we’ve collected over the years.  We’ll be adding to the list as and when we find more. Happy writing!

  • BBC Bitesize also have some useful pieces on Fiction Writing and Poetry. You click the link below to whet your appetite!
  • For more advanced writers the BBC Writers Lab might be interesting –

N.B. Listing of sites on this page does not indicate an endorsement of the content by the Retford Writers Group.

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