About us

We are a small group of around twenty aspiring writers from North Nottinghamshire all with a desire to improve and share our writing.

We meet on a two-weekly basis (alternate Thursday afternoons 2-4pm) Normally at Retford Library, but as the library is currently undergoing refurbishment, our meetings will take place at Retford Museum until April 2020. 

The sessions usually take the form of members reading their recent work (this can be in any form – short stories/parts of novels/poetry etc) followed by constructive critique, and are very informal and light-hearted, though often pieces will generate some quite lively debate!

In 2019 Retford Writers Group launched the very first anthology of our work ‘All the Write Pieces’, and we hope to follow that success up with new projects this year.

Some works in progress are shared on this website. Do please like, follow, and  comment, after all, the whole purpose of Retford Writers is to receive constructive criticism with an aim to improve.

Contact us at: retfordwriters@gmail.com

Meet our Writers



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