Prompt of the week

Ok, so I was searching for a suitable prompt for this week when I came across this picture. Out of the 100s of pictures I was scrolling through it was this one that really instantly sparked my imagination, and I wondered if it would do the same for you too.

I liked the idea that you could be watching (see what I did there!) something through your watch. In fact, the tech is probably out there already, I’m sure James Bond has got it. But watching something surreptitiously has something of a sinister edge to it, so could make for an excellent poem, flash fiction, short story or even novel… go for it!! Of course, you may take something completely different from this picture, in which case, I’d love to see your interpretations. So I’ll leave it to you, but I’m off to write a dark ol’ poem!

Picture Prompt

Ah Ha! Another picture prompt for you. Now, what do you make of this one? Is he a robot seeking knowledge…? Well, that was my first thought, but then.. perhaps he’s a toy lost in a library; perhaps we all feel like robots sometimes and he’s a reflection of a current mood; perhaps your batteries are running low, particularly at this time of turmoil; maybe the book is relevant… is it your favourite book (why do you love this book?); a gardening book; a book about learning to fly; a cookery book; an encyclopedia? Why is it so dark? What happens next? Deadly serious or rib-ticklingly funny?

One of the first things I learnt when trying out picture prompts is to look for the five ‘W’s:

Who – Who is the picture about?
What – What happened?
Where – Where did the event occur?
When – When did the event occur?
Why – Why did it happen?
(some also add an ‘H’ – How did it happen?)

It’s a useful place to start whether you are writing prose or poetry, fiction or non-fiction. Remember, this is just a prompt… the picture doesn’t have to feature at all, it’s just to get you on the runway.

Go on…let go of the strings of your imagination and let your pen (or keyboard!) fly!

Picture Prompt

Hi there! Hope you’re spending this extra, enforced, free time on your writing projects. Since I haven’t received any stories or poems to post just lately, I thought I’d give you a nudge with a picture prompt this time.

What does it suggest to you? Where is she, who/what is she running from? She seems to have had time to pick up an umbrella but not put on her shoes – what’s that about? I’m sure there are lots of scenarios that you can create. Have a think, have a write (short story/flash fiction/poem, whatever you like!), then send them to me to share. I look forward to reading them.

Keep safe x

Picture challenge

Ideas for stories can come from just about anywhere, but if you’re stuck, its a great idea to search for interesting photographs, either in your own collection, or perhaps on-line.  I came across this picture accidently and wondered what the story is behind it. Who lived there and sat in that chair, and why did they leave? Why did the clock stop at 2:20 (a.m. or p.m.?) and what’s with the two TVs?  It could be a rich seam for a bit of fiction. I’m going to have a go at a short story around it, why don’t you? I’d love to compare notes!