Ostriches by Chris South


 Take a good look all around you
Get your head out of the sand
Can’t you see what’s happening
In this mean unpleasant land?
The wolves are at the door now
Baying for your blood
Piecemeal won’t pacify them
Did you really think it would?
Bit off more than you could chew
When they were handing out their meat?
Well now they want it back from you
What will your children eat?
They can’t dine on bricks and mortar
Or swallow steel and glass
The problem is that Ostriches
Get bitten in the ass!

 Ostrich people

(Note from the author…for the British reader please feel free to

pronounce glass as ‘glarse’ and change the word ass to arse!) Chris

Georgie Porgie by Chris South

9th July 2015 – [See ‘Brave New World’ of 2008.Ed]

Georgie Porgie by Chris South

(A Budgetary ‘Cursery’ Rhyme)

Chris's Georgie Porgie 

Georgie Porgie puddin’ or pie?

Kissed our tax credits goodbye

When boys and girls go out to play

The rain it raineth every day!

No desert for them tonight

Their little bellies feeling light

Up the wooden hill they go

Dragging feet with heads hung low

And on the morrow they will see

There’s no more jam for you and me

Tears of sorrow flowing down

Since Georgie Porgie came to town

His box of tricks has made them poor

With bailiffs beating down their door

To take away their games and toys

You naughty little girls and boys

You’ve had your puddin’ and your pie

When streams of credits ne’er ran dry

Now Georgie Porgie wants it back

So future generations lack

Georgie Porgie what a mess

You’ve punished those most innocent

Lumbered them with all the rent

It’s not their fault we’re overspent

But damn them nonetheless!



Brave New World by Chris South

3rd October 2008 – [and now looking back. Ed.]

Brave New World by Chris South

(A Poem for Austere Times)


Is financial Armageddon here to daunt us?

Are we destined now to reap all we have sown?

Will our deepest, darkest fears come back to haunt us

And terrorise the life that we have known?

Is there nowhere we can run now to escape it?

With each rising sun its banner more unfurled

Whilst the hands of our own artisans did shape it

We stand in fear and face our brave new world.


What future have we made for our descendants

Did we ever really contemplate their plight?

Have our lives being lived in such resplendence

Condemned them to an everlasting night

We’ve gorged ourselves; our bellies so distended

They drag us to our knees with backbones curled

When all at once the feeding frenzy ended

We cower down before our brave new world.


Will there ever be another bright tomorrow

When sun and moon and stars give light again?

An end to self inflicted states of sorrow

Where greed and selfishness cause no more pain

Has our resolve to make this transformation

To the farthest depths of space and time been hurled?

Leaving us in bitter lamentation

To crawl the ruins of our brave new world.

Chris Austerity image