Writing by Pete Brammer

Encouraging acrostic from Pete


Words make sentences, a jewel,

R? The 3 R’s, so confusing at school.

Ink we had in ink wells.

Thesaurus gives alternate words.

Index what you have written.

Nouns are living things like kittens.

Grammar a system of writing rules.


So Retford Writers, just stay cool!

Untitled-Acrostic By Angela O’Connor

Untitled-Acrostic By Angela O’Connor

Now it’s too late, your push too far.

Every phrase and look you make

Guts the flesh of its life.

And you, yes you, desire that explosive reaction.

Tumbling letters of unstoppable emotive fractions.

I’ve known you many years, plenty good and happy,

Vanished they seem in this decade of older depravity.

Early one day I will rise and think of only your smile.

Angela O’Connor

Bucket List by Chris South

Chris’s response to the trigger – Bucket List

Bucket List by Chris South

Before I shuffle off this mortal coil
Undertaken deep beneath The Makers soil
Could there be anything undone I should regret?
Kindled in my youth which I forget?
Everything that I am now, I’ve lived to be
Today, all my experience is me!

Let me not long for life I can’t insist
Indeed, despite those things I might have missed
Sorrows, why be sad? I shalln’t be triste
Tomorrow’s all that’s​ on my bucket list!

Autumn Poems from Angela O’Connor

Angela gives us a leg-up to Autumn


There she goes moving stealthily

amongst the trees.

Her glorious locks glistening in the

dappled shade.

Languidly she turns,

gazing and alighting where

her beauty decides to bask.

Virginia, you possess a nonchalant presence.

Boldly, yet without fanfare she arrives.

Her leaves creeping into my heart.

Dance, my Virginia, dance

Can you see what she has done here?


Surreptitiously she awakens

Elemental error is repeated

Association of mis-matched months

Semester deviations do confuse

Only to be relived further on

Naturally it is here and there

Australian autumn

Languishes at the feet of March

Invisible to my eye now

Never far from my mind

Veiled in summer sundances

English autumn awaits

Reverent metamorphosis of life

Subtly transforming hues

Invigorating the pleasure palette

Oh the wonder of her

Navigating through hemispheres

Did you see it? There’s points in it – and points mean…

Christmas Acrostic by Michael Healy

For the Feast of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus)


C the Carols we sing in celebration,

H the Holly to help our decorations.

R for the Reindeer who pull Santa’s sleigh

I is Ivy to go with the Holly, we say

S the sweet Sauce we pour over our pud

T the green fir Tree where our presents are stood

M for the Marzipan wrapped round our cake

A in our bed the night before, ah that is Awake!

S as we Sing on Christmas Eve.

D for the Day that we all should be pleased

A for All those in need of our help.

Y and so to Y, Yule Tide,

                        the old name for Christmas.

And a Merry Christmas Day to you All.

                                                            By   Michael Healy

An Acrostic by…



Daunted by the task ahead,

Alarmed by fear of failure.

Vacillating about what might be said,

I am indecisive and unsure:

Doubtful how these words will be read.


Galvanised now by my preceding exertion,

Reassured by reaching here.

Activated by my determination;

Heroically I restrained my fear.

Almost at my destination:

Might this be a place to cheer?



David R Graham