This week’s prompt

Well, this week we’re asking you to come up with a piece of creative writing inspired by the word


As always, you can use it any way you like – ship as in boats, ship-shape, friendship – I’m sure you can think of many more connotations. Try and use your imagination to think of an unusual slant on the subject – work to be fresh and original, and of course, enjoy!


This week’s Trigger

There was some lovely work produced by our members inspired by the last trigger/prompt ‘Test’.  If you’re stuck for a theme this week why not try using this week’s suggestion:


Use it any way you like, any meaning you can think of, and any style! Be creative and think outside the box.  If you’re stuck, try some freewriting around the subject and see where it takes you – ten minutes writing anything that comes into your head – no punctuation, no worrying about spelling or grammer, just write and have fun, then you can use the ideas to create something great!

This week’s prompt

At our last meeting we, as usual, set a prompt/trigger for those of us who need a little inspiration to start writing. This week it is:


Of course you can use it in any of it’s forms… tested, tester, testing, in any context, and in any discipline you like: prose/poetry/flash fiction/biography… you name it!

So start writing ‘write now’ and do share your work with us, we’d love to read it.

Picture challenge

Ideas for stories can come from just about anywhere, but if you’re stuck, its a great idea to search for interesting photographs, either in your own collection, or perhaps on-line.  I came across this picture accidently and wondered what the story is behind it. Who lived there and sat in that chair, and why did they leave? Why did the clock stop at 2:20 (a.m. or p.m.?) and what’s with the two TVs?  It could be a rich seam for a bit of fiction. I’m going to have a go at a short story around it, why don’t you? I’d love to compare notes!



Prompt of the week

As you should know by now, at the end of each meeting of the Retford Writers we decide on a prompt just in case any of us need a nudge to write for the next session.  This weeks prompt is


It can be used any old way you like…i.e. ‘a rose by any other name…’; ‘he rose from his coffin…’; ‘there was a snail in the rose on the watering can…’ – in prose, poetry, biog, in fact wherever your imagination and creative juices take you!

Of course, you don’t have to be a Retford Writer to give it a whirl. We’d love to see your efforts too.


The much anticipated launch of our anthology ‘All the Write Pieces’ took place on Thursday (9th May) evening, and what a successful occasion it was! Our members were able to read excerpts of their work to an attentive and appreciative audience which packed the room. We had lots of positive feedback and managed to sell copies of the new edition too. So many thanks to all those who came along and supported us, and a big pat on the back to all our talented writers.

In honour of the occasion we thought the prompt for the next session should be:


As usual, feel free to use this, or any of it’s forms in any way you choose. If you can’t come along to the meeting, why not try writing a piece anyway and share it with us via this site? We’d love to read it.

Prompt for Today

Just in case we’re stuck for a subject, at each meeting the Retford Writers group decide on a prompt to write around for the next session. We always try and pick a word or theme that is open to interpretation and can explore the subject through prose, poetry, non-fiction, or any other written genre as we choose.  The prompt for our next session is:


You can of course use: shame; shameful; ashamed; shamed… and use it as you like, have fun with it – just an oblique reference is fine.

We’ll be sharing our efforts at the next meeting. But if you can’t join us, do feel free to share yours via the comments. We’ll look forward to reading them.