Definite? by Chris South

Chris’s second piece from triggers Confused – now definite.

Definite? by Chris South

How do I define myself

Am I definite and here

Is this me in the definitive?

It really isn’t clear!

I could be anyone or anything

And anywhere at all

It wasn’t made explicit

From what I can recall

Supposing that I am here

In this body and this mind

And not some other entity

Is this how I’m defined?

By the parameters of existence

Encased within this shell

Futile in its persistence

To embrace this living hell

When life by definition

Is complex and imprecise

That the slightest indecision

Could result in sacrifice

Of the definitely definite

Thing I claim to be

Until I fade into the infinite

And am no longer me!


Copyright(c)/C8-@/Frivolous Oblivion/Definite/25/10/2015


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One thought on “Definite? by Chris South

  1. Me thinks there is a definite identity crisis going on here. This poem highlights some of the complexities of our own self awareness and of how important it is to our sense of welbeing that we know who we really are. One of the essential tasks of parenting is to instill a strong sense of self into a child from a very early age. Which is one of the reasons I am doubtful about the common practice of baby-talking babies.

    Thanks, Chris.


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