‘Life on Earth’ by Andrew Bell

We love you,
Mother Earth
as much
as we love our kin,

even as we bear witness
to your defilement;

even as we disable
your natural rhythms
lay waste your lands,
poison your air and soil.

For we came to see you,
long ago, as separate,
as a lifeless mechanical force,

then we sought to possess
and control you,

laying waste your substance,
taking more and more.

But now the game is up.
The capital is spent.

But what of the poor?

So many feel lost and insecure,
impoverished by unholy forces
sweeping across your world
in the quest for gain,

feel robbed by those who feed
on corruption,
or let loose the dogs of war;

robbed by those
who have it all, then go for more,
breaching the unwritten law,

when a billion souls go hungry.

These are unwholesome times,
that come with a reckoning,
and a summons to all
to break the silence,

to call out those
who stand in the way of change.

For we know that change
is coming,
awareness is rising
and hands are joining,

answering the call of the soul
to heal our fractured culture,

to reaffirm that Nature
and all life, are sacred,

to make common cause
with those committed
to the greater good,

and those pledged
to find ways to make us whole.


A Place for Members to show work in progress and seek Constructive Criticism ... please.

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